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Media Horizon Freeware -- FREEWARE and only FREEWARE -- Their goal is to provide you with the very best 32-bit freeware for Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP. Computer related and non-computer related freeware updated continually.
Windows 98 Annoyances is the most complete collection of information assembled for and by actual users of Windows 98. 

The Windows 2000 Annoyances site is in progress, and you can help. Go to to see how.

Add Application to File Type Context Menu

Add a second application that can open a file type by default (hah! try this to set up both Word97 and Word2000 to open *.doc).

Inside an Explorer window, select View, Options, File Types. Scroll to desired type, such as *.doc. Click Edit button, click New. In the text box under Action, type command name that will appear in the right-mouse menu, such as Open with Word97. Then, in the Application Used To Perform Action box, click Browse, navigate to the *.exe program that will open the document, select it, and click Open. Click OK to exit New Action dialog box. You should see the new command in the Actions list. Click Close twice.

Note: Double clicking a *.doc file in Explorer will still cause it to open with Word2000 (or whichever version of Word is the default), but right-clicking the doc brings up the choice, "Open with Word97." Very cool.

Internet Explorer load time

Tired of waiting for Internet Explorer to load? Change the start page to Blank, and it'll pop right up. Choose Tools, Internet Options. Click the General tab and then the Use Blank button. Click OK to save changes. Takes effect next time you open Internet Explorer. 

Install ClipBook Viewer

Grab your Windows 95 disk a find install a great little program to store frequently pasted items like blocks of text or graphics for easy insertion into multiple docs: the ClipBook Viewer.

Choose Start, Settings, Control Panel.
Open Add/Remove Programs and select the Windows Setup tab.
Click Have Disk, Browse.
Navigate on the Windows 95 disk in your CD-ROM drive to Other\Clipbook.
Select Clipbook.inf and click OK twice, then select ClipBook Viewer under Components, then click Install.

Open the program by choosing it from the Start Menu, Programs, Accessories, ClipBook Viewer.

To use the program without installing it on your hard drive: On the Windows 95 disk, choose Browse This CD and navigate to Other\ClipBook. Doubleclick the clipbrd,exe file, and you're on!

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